Minneapolis and the Age of Railways

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Consider the fate of many Americans who own homes near long-abandoned railroad rights-of-war, perhaps routes now converted to nature trails. As traffic increases congestion on active tracks located some distance away, railroads, shippers, and commuters may demand that the nature trails become a rail route once again. There is no way to avoid the pain of this process short of not building or improving our transportation infrastructure.

What we should do is ensure that public policy redistributes some of the gains from building these projects back to those who bear the burden when we use these corridors. What a timely and useful and well-written article you have given us, Prof. Thank you for reminding us of the history of Minneapolis railroads, corridors through cities, and the relatively parvenu nature of the people living in the Kennilworth corridor where there once was a vibrant rail yard.

They always want the workers and the rest of the taxpaying public to fund their preferences, as now with the hugely expensive Southwest light rail line. The author misses and functionally obscures the far more pertinent and important recent history of Southwestern exurbia as well as its relationship to the rail corridor. From , the population of Eden Prairie grew from 16, to 60, The author also misses the current underlying power and special interest politics of brute force applied to Mpls to submit to the bait and switch and incompetence of Hennepin County regarding the freight reroute in exchange for LRT.


Railroads, Kenwood and metro corridors: Tensions go back a long, long time

Certainly, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka would not accept this bait and switch deal resulting from Hennepin County incompetence, and likely few in the metro would name call and bully them into doing so. In truth, this article is irrelevant and actually obscures the current situation in the Kenilworth Corridor. Thanks so much. One thing to add.

The proposed 21st St. The AIA guide to Minneapolis has some information on the station and a nearby hotel, long since vanished. The current controversy over the SWLRT points up just how much the process has changed over the years with regard to public projects of this magnitude. Johnston mentions the public outcry caused by the construction of the interstate highways through the heart of the city during the s and later. What he does not mention is the magnitude of that construction. The disruption the SWLRT might cause is trivial compared with the devastation caused by the interstates.

Can you imagine the prospects now for any construction project proposing demolition on this scale? The inconveniences brought to the Kenilworth corridor are insignificant by comparison.


The rail corridor of which Kenilworth is a part runs all the way out to Eden Prairie. In the s, freight trains abandoned this corridor. That was the deal. Rich in illustrations, this is not just a chronicle of a railroad but also a story and a record of a way of life in the rural upper Midwest. Don L. Louis Railway makes to railroad and regional history. Louis Railway was created on May 26, , by a group of Minnesota investors interested in establishing a railroad connection between Minneapolis and the agricultural regions to the south.

Hofsommer is professor of history at St. Cloud State University. Louis Railway is an excellent book.

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It is a wonderful memory album whose images capture the history and the spirit of a struggling little railroad that fought hard, but lost. This route opened in Here, the mainline forms the southern border of Glacier National Park , which the GN promoted heavily as a tourist attraction.

GN constructed stations at East Glacier and West Glacier entries to the park, stone and timber lodges at the entries and other inns and lodges throughout the Park. Many of the structures have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to unique construction, location and the beauty of the surrounding regions. With a terminus at Superior, Wisconsin, the Great Northern was able to provide transportation from the Pacific to the Atlantic by taking advantage of the shorter distance to Duluth from the ocean, as compared to Chicago. It operated agencies in Germany and Scandinavia that promoted its lands, and brought families over at low cost, building special colonist cars to transport immigrant families.

The rapidly increasing settlement in North Dakota's Red River Valley along the Minnesota border between and was a major example of large-scale "bonanza" farming.

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The Great Northern Railway is considered to have inspired in broad outline, not in specific details the Taggart Transcontinental railroad in Ayn Rand 's Atlas Shrugged. Now the ghost of the train apparently picks up unsuspecting passengers and takes them to Hell, driven by the insane engineer. GN operated various passenger trains, but the Empire Builder was their premier passenger train. It was named in honor of James J.

Hill, known as the "Empire Builder. In addition to the Stone Arch Bridge, parts of the railway has been turned into pedestrian and bicycle trails. Louis Railway. Also in Minnesota, the Dakota Rail Trail is built on Further west, the Iron Goat Trail in Washington follows the late 19th-century route of the Great Northern Railway through the cascades and gets its name from the railway's logo.

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Minneapolis and the Age of Railways Minneapolis and the Age of Railways
Minneapolis and the Age of Railways Minneapolis and the Age of Railways
Minneapolis and the Age of Railways Minneapolis and the Age of Railways
Minneapolis and the Age of Railways Minneapolis and the Age of Railways
Minneapolis and the Age of Railways Minneapolis and the Age of Railways
Minneapolis and the Age of Railways Minneapolis and the Age of Railways

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